Why Offshore?

Flexible work force Many offshore software development companies exist that can provide contract staff quickly, for any period of time, short term or long term.

Cost Compared to Australian developers, senior software developers, testers, project leaders and QA staff can be hired at a fraction of the cost.

Why Vietnam?

Skill Vietnam's government provides computer science education for all students from grade 2 in primary school to the end of high school. IT and related courses are in high demand at Vietnamese universities, and with their long exposure to computers and technology from a young age, Vietnamese developers have amongst the world's highest skill levels.

Commitment Developers in Vietnam have a high level of commitment to project quality. Consistently seeking to exceed expectations, developers in Vietnam produce code of the highest quality and are familiar with automated and manual testing techniques.

Teamwork Developers in Vietnam show an aptitude for teamwork that is hard to find elsewhere in the world.

Why Babel?

Experience Babel Consulting have solution architects with 20+ years of software design and architecture experience – experience that can't be found in the talent pool in Vietnam.

Independence Babel Consulting have no ties to any development centre in Vietnam, ensuring that your project receives oversight that is independent of the software development team.

Knowledge Babel's consultants carry the knowledge of past successful project deliveries, starting from the project scoping phase to architecture, design, build and deployment. We have the track record and the know-how to build projects inside budget and time frames.